Anita Mansour

Villa & Majlis Mr. Khalifa Al Kuwari

The project was to renovate the existing villa that is around 1000 square meter area, and add a majlis for men, that will have a built up area  around 250 square meter, and a landscaping design for the garden.




Doha, Qatar


Khalifa Al Kuwari


1250 sqm

  • YEAR : 2013
  • LOCATION : Doha, Qatar
  • CLIENT : Khalifa Al Kuwari
  • BUILT UP AREA : 1250 sqm

An enormous changes were done for the existing villa to transform the existing building into a livable and functional space. The main elevation of the entrance was completely replaced by oriental shape arcades with arabesque pattern that works as shaded panels to filter the light inside the internal space.

The living, dining rooms and kitchen were completely separated from the other side of the villa by a double high room that connect the ground to the first floor by a stair. The common area is open to the main entrance and the garden, viewing the fountain and the pool surrounded with a green landscaping area.

The first floor level is a living room connected to a bedroom and a big library area for the owner were he keep all his books and have a space to read in privacy away from kids and family.

Most of the bedrooms inside the villa are open to a central patio that is redesigned with a  fountain and an arabesque design for the marble floor finishing matching the pergolas above with some greenery. The wide corridor around the patio is extended with two living room facing the outdoor area with a complete transparency.

The 5 bedrooms has each a living room connected to a small kitchenette open to the patio, a bathroom, and a dressing. Each bedroom is open to a terrace having a private outdoor area for relaxation.

The project was executed in 2014.