Anita Mansour

Sheikh Abdalah Al Thani compound

The project is a compound, that consist of a main villa, majlis, mosque, 4 son's villa and annex service building.




Doha, Qatar


Sheikh Abdalah Al Thani


2500 sqm

  • YEAR : 2016
  • LOCATION : Doha, Qatar
  • CLIENT : Sheikh Abdalah Al Thani
  • BUILT UP AREA : 2500 sqm

The villa is an L shape building, that open to a outdoor garden with a landscaping design that extend the interior space to an outdoor sitting area and water feature.

The villa has a main entrance that give access to 3 different zones, the indoor pool, the living and dining rooms that are for guests, and the private area of the villa where we have a family living and dinning with an open kitchen, in addition to the bedrooms zone.

The architecture is a mix of volumes creating a succession of spaces that gives each an identity and privacy. We used different materials creating  volumes and shaded areas that filter the sunlight.

The interior design is a mix between luxurious in the main living and dining room where guests are invited. In contrast to a modern and simple design for the family area. A practical and elegant design for the bedrooms using patterns and light colors for padding and background with light effects to create cozy environment.

The project was executed in 2017.